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Miriam Bedrin

Miriam Bedrin is a student and writer from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. She recently graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering with an emphasis in Polymer/Materials Science at the University of Southern California. During her free time, Miriam enjoys making music and baking. Through her writing, Miriam hopes to humanize the realities of living with chronic illness, with emphasis placed on the experience of living with gastrointestinal problems. Because of the lengthy process required to diagnose some of her conditions, Miriam is also passionate about raising awareness for rare, underdiagnosed, and underserved chronic conditions.  

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Clarissa humm

Clarissa Humm, performing under the stage name Claire, is a pop singer-songwriter located in Miami, Florida. Clarissa’s love for music began when she was four years old when she starred in her first musical. It was there that she became addicted to the feeling of being able to perform in front of a new crowd every night, and she knew that a career in music was for her. After leading the locally praised band Prodigee and embarking on her own solo pop career, Clarissa has turned her efforts towards speaking out about mental health awareness. She hopes that sharing her own struggles with mental illness will help remove stigma and inspire others who are suffering to receive treatment.